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police found them dead in an apparent murder/suicide. >> it came over the loud speaker that we couldn't exit the children's center. and then of course it was flashing a over the news what was happening. i was happy to be locked in. >> nobody is going out, nobody is coming in. we heard the emergency bell. it was scary. >> it could have been a 9/11 thing. we didn't know. >> reporte it happened on the eighth flar of the nelson building. there are several hundred unarmed guards at the campus. >> there should be a scanner and security guards at all doors. >> reporter: i baltimore, darcy
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spencer, news 4 today. 4:31 is our time. >> it came in overnight. the skies have begun to clear out. starting off friday morning with a partly cloudy sky. we'll take every drop we can have with the drought we have ongoing. arlington, fairfax, montgomery, mid-60s. 60s to 70s on the eastern shore. out of the mountains of west virginia, temperatures there are near 60. over the last 12 hours, the bulk of the heavier rain fell north of washington in pennsylvania. they hadevere weather. new york city, they're getting that there. long island, heavy downpours and strong winds. for, we'll have some sunine. afternoon highs into the low 80s. and increasing sunshine by late afterno.
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great weather for all the games. partly cloudy sunday, mid-80s. good wther for the skins game sunday afternoon. how is our traffic, ashley? >> well, od morning. we are starting you off with a big problem. outer loop is shut down between connecticut avenue and 355. this is the headlights on connecticut area. it happened in the 10:00 ho overnight. hazm spill. they're still cleaning it up. no delaproblems exi right now b traffic is light. this is going to be a big issue for beltway drivers. back to you. thanks ve much, ashley. for the first time two of
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the discovery channel employees spoke out about their four hour ordeal. they talked publicly to oprah winfrey. they said they were forced to lie on the floor of the discovery building's lobby. woods said he was ab to accepted an e-mail to thboss with his cell phone alerng him what was going on. >> that instance where we counted down and jim looked at me and i looked back at the gunman. he looked down. i just turned and ran. the fastest i had ever run. >> officers shot the suspect james lee dead. he was armed with starter pistols and home made pipe bombs. we now know the names of the threeen killed in yes's trible accident involving an suv and ambulance.
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all three victims were in the suv which side-swiped the ambulance and went out of control, hitting a wall, a pole and flipping over. police identified the driver as emmanuel jones. tony burny and watley lived in the district. >> he was always very friendly. we spoke in assing. he would be outside a lot with his little girl. she was 2 years old. he was a goodneighbor. >> investigators say the suv was going the wrong way down marlboro pike when it collided with the ambulance. two pele were in the ambulance. both of them are expected to be okay. people in the district came to remember a dog that was sho and killed by a d.c. police offir. parrot was aggressive during
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sunday out adams morgan festival and bit two pple. the owner said that never happened. he only became aggressive with another dog. they say it takes a responsible owner to keep the dogs out of trouble. major concerns about a high rise military office building expected to bring tousands of workers into alexandria. it calls for 6,400 workers to move from various offices to one big buiing at the marks center, which is now under construction. it would open september of next year. people who live in e area worry that getting the people to work every day will cause gridlock in their neighborhoods. they had an opportunity to voice their concerns. >> i live here. i'm not worried about it. this area is already suffering
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from pollution, congestion. no matter what solution we come up with, that's it. >> that would limit the number of parking spaces. >> legislation would restrict parking at the marks center and it would force military to increase traffic in the area to avoid congestion. immediately stop the policy from being used to discharge members of the military. a group called the log cin republicans filed an injunction asking the judge for a worldwi ban on the policy. they object to the injunction and have a week to appeal the ruling. pope benedict xvi continu his trip to the united kingdom today.
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he greeted people outside his window at the apostolic vatican embassy. earlier the pope made his strongest comments on sex abe cases. he said the catholic crch should have acted more quickly to remove priest who's molested children. we're keeping a close eye on three storms the atlantic and the gulf of mexico this morning. all eyes on hurricane carl. it is expected to hithe mexican coast later today. the category 2 storm could gain strength. hurricane igor is a hurricane 3 storm. hurricane julia could still bring large amounts of rain to vera cruz yesterday. you can see how large they appear from outer space. bermuda, residents and tourists have started getting ready for
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igor's arrival. >> that blown-out bp well could be sealed off by the end of th weekend. the next step is to pump mud and cement through the relief well into the blown-out well from the bottom. the we can't be decled. >> it is well overdue. just glad that day is finally coming. finally we see light at the end of that tunnel. >> meanwhile, independen scientists say they have found blankets of oil along the floor of the gulf of mexico. some stretching for miles and two inches thick. crews will perform structural work under the bridge deck. no access from d.c. or arlington. that includes pedestrians and
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bikers because the sidewalk will also be closed. traffic on canal road will not be affected. drivers advised to use river crossings including the k, roosevelt, memorial and 14th street bridges. it will open up as 5:00 a.m. on monday, the 20th. the nextlosing will happen in a couple weeks. today more than 200 girls will gather on the national mall for the two-second turn off rally. the rally is hosted by aaa, department of transportation and seven teen magazine at 10:02 this morning. sounds like a good plan. >> then keep them off. wonderful. coming up, first lady michelle obama is making headlines. what one book claims she said about her role. and the naked firefighter
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welcome back. 9 degrees. a beautiful shot of the capital on this lovely morning. tom isere with a look at our forecast. good morning to you. northeast breeze coming in
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drying things out on this fday morning. time for weather and traffic. i'm meteorologist tom looking at the temperatures in the wake of the rain. it is mild this morning. partly cloudy sky. temperatures in the 60s from the shenandoah valley to the atlantic beaches. it is a bit milder on the easternshore. they're getting a few lingering swers, in the 70s. afternoon highs reaching the low 80s and partly cloudy. tonight, clearing out. 50s tomorrow morning. a look into next week and the latest on the tropics at 4:51. let's check traffic. ashley, how is it looking? >> starting you off this morning with breaking news. capital beway is shut down between connecticut avenue and 355. around 10:00, we had an accident involving a tractor trailer which resulted in a hazmat spill. they're still cleaning it up at this hour. all drivers are being detoured off at connecticut avenue.
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the headlights are being forced off on to connecticut. just between connecticut and 355 that we have the closure. it is going to be heavy from the mormon temple towards connecticut. but that's modest right now. we hope they get things open oner rather than later. plan your trip accordingly and expect delays this early morning. back to you. >> thanks, ashley. >> 4:44. bob barker collapses. plus, politics and taxes. breakdown of president obama's plans for the economy. why democrats are push to go keep the bu administration's tax cuts. > michelle obama is causing a > mic[ male announcer ]sing a it's sunday afternoon. time for footbal on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this?
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our time right now is 4:47. time to look at the top stories in the morning. the victim was shot at 8:00 last night in a park in the 2600 block of nicholson street. police have mott released s name, nor have in evidence what led to the shooting. a doctor at john hopkins hospital is expected to survive after being shot by the son of a patient. paul partis then killed his mother and himself. he brother said the mother suffered from arthritis and said the son probably couldn't stand to see her suffering. no access from d.c. or arlington and that including pedestrians and bikers because the sidewalk will also be closed. traffic on canal road will not be affected. the bridge will open 5:00 a.m.
4:48 am
monday the 20th. >> a woman in mcclain is saved by a traffic light after a man tried to rob her while stopped at a red light. police say a woman was stopped at a red light, when a man walked up to her window, said he had a weapon and demanded her money. the light turned green, and the wom sped off and the man walked out any. >> at this time there's nothing to indicate that it is related to the vanessa murder. >> police say they are looking for an hispanic man, 5'10", thin build. short black hair, thin mustache,
4:49 am
frecklesnd a gap between his two front tee. if you have any information, call 703-691-2131. new today, a health scare for legend b barkerment tmz reports he fainted at a gun range yesterday. he was rushed to the spital but was soon released. barker's representative said he spoke to him who now says he was dehydrated and he i going to take it easy at home for a while. the focus shifts to the midterm elections. both sides are talking taxes. tracie potts has more now from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama said preserve tax praex for the wealthy costs too much. >> they wa to spend another $700 billion that 98% of americans will never see. >> i don't think i'm going to put my grandchildren and this country into debt. >> reporter:epublicans now
4:50 am
insist on dealing with it before november's election. >> up or down vote on stopping all of the coming tax hikes. >> reporter: the census bureau reports 1 in 7 americans are now poor, the most ever. a new private analysis say letting the tax cuts expire mean a family of four making 54,000, would payan extra 2900 next year. >> it's still about barack obama and his agenda. that remains a fundamental democratic problem. >> reporter: hammeredn unemployment, the administration is fighting back. today the white reases a stimulus creating thousands of jobs across american. republicans say th real job creators are the wealthy americans who president obama wants to tax more. tracie potts, nb news,
4:51 am
washington. the whithouse is denying first lady michelle obama ever described her life as hell. the french embassy denies the claim the embassy says mrs. sarkozy has complely distanced herself from the book. > our time right now is 4:51. time again for a look at traffic and weather on the ones. and tom is here in udio. >> hi, tom. >> hey, good morning. we've got the much needed rain overnight. quite a bit more fell north of washington. we got less than half of 0.1. 0.5 fell in the metro area. an inch near the mason-don line. let's take a look at the temperatures. they're in the 60s from shenandoah valley to east of the bay. still in the 70s at the northern neck. reagan national in the low 70s. elsewhee, though in the 60s for
4:52 am
the most part. look at theainfall totals we had. 0.9 fell in frederick. up farther to thenorth, too. certainly much needed. two-thirds of an inch in the panhandle of west virginia. that is a parched region there. out in the mountains, near 60. eastern shore, low 70s. there's then rain as of yesterday right around sunset. the rain picked up a bit. heavy storms came through the new york city area. now they're over eastern long island and southern new england. the tropics are very active. hurricane carl moving into southern mexico. this is a huge hurricane igor tracking north and east. julia is a weakening storm. the latest on igor is it has dinished winds. moving east of bermuda, out to sea. afternoon highs reaching the low 80s. overnight tonight it will
4:53 am
clear. we'll have that nearl full moon up in the sky over the evening hours. in the 50s by dawn tomorrow. saturday, beautiful day for all the games. into next week, the drive pattern continues moay through thursday. highs, low to mid-80s. ashley, how is the traffic? >> breaking news on the capital beltway. the accident happened in the 10:00 hour. good news. lanes now reopened. as you can see, t lanes getting past connecticut enue, towards 355. police activity along your commutement and there are a few stging trucks on the shoulder. don't be surprised if you see them. good news, the flood gates have opened. once again, the beltway is passable between connecticut and 355. volume is light. northboundno problems. continuing across the 14th street bridge intotown, along
4:54 am
the freeway, lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you very much, ashley. waiting for metro to ruce the trip of smart trip cards. you may have to wait a little longer. they are having second thoughts about cutting the price o the cards in half to $2.50. one concern, they may run out of cards and people could use them to cheat the system. you can carry a negative balance. metro is afraid people will buy the car and skip out on paying fares. on top of that, metro has learned each card cost $3.40, meaning it would lose 90 cents on ech smart trip sale. our time is 4:54. coming up, a new twice that prevents trifrs from texting. a news 4 exclusive. d.c. firefighters making food in the nude at the firestation. we have the naked firefigh
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[ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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good morning. welcome back now to a news 4 exclusive. you have to see to believe in this case there is perhaps a bit too much to see. a d.c. firefighter naked and preparing food for a party in the firehouse. the photo was supplied to news 4 by a source. complaints have been made by female firefighters and paramedics who were there at the
4:58 am
time. this engine company serves the columbia heights neighborhood. there was a retirement celebration attended by off duty firefighters here in july. allegations about the party under under investigation. and some are unsubstantiated. a source obtained this picture and gave it to news 4, telling us it's a naked firefighter at the stove. and that as many as three firefights may have prepared served and prepared food at the party. there were female emergency medical personnel prese and no diiplinary action has been taken. the ems and fire department says it's looking into the allegations. >> it occurred sometime in late july. early august a complaint was filed. since then our internal affairs office has been conducting an
4:59 am
investigation. it is on going. >> is a watch watch dog organization. he said he's receiving complaints from firefighters who have been terminated, demoted or disciplined for offenses they say less serious than public nakedness. >> when i saw the picturet was appalling to me. it wasn't surprising certain individuals who get away from this. in my case, i was terminated for awol charge. when i saw this individual standing at a stove, you know, buck naked in the firehouse it was a shockero me. >> the d.c. fire department said its zero tolerance could apply to nakedness in a firehouse with mixed company. >> behavior that are un

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